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Specialized Partners for Your Project

Several organizations specialized in innovation, research and development are present in Nouvelle-Aquitaine. This dynamic ecosystem provides a vector of opportunities for businesses in the implementation of their project and their business! Networks, partners, product innovation support, are among the many services and areas of expertise provided by these stakeholders to support the development of your business.

Competitiveness Clusters

  • Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation | agriculture, agri-food industry, fishing: agro-refinery, high-performance production systems, optimization of inputs
  • Cancer Bio Health | biotechnologies, health: nutrition and health, molecules of interest for therapeutic and diagnostic applications in cancerology, technological innovations, home support
  • Avenia | green growthgeosciences
  • S2E2 | green growthrenewable energy
  • Xylofutur | forestry, wood, paperresource management and mobilization; processing of wood for materials (construction, furniture, packaging); fibers and chemicals (bio-fuels, nano-cellulose, composite materials
  • Pôle Européen de la Céramique | materials, mechanical engineering, electronicsceramic applications for luxury goods, energy systems electronics-optics-photonics, health, environment
  • Viaméca | materials, mechanical engineering, electronicsdesign, production and integration of intelligent mechanical systems
  • ALPHA-Route des Lasers et des Hyperfréquences | hyperfrequencies, photonics, digital systems, lasersPhotonics-laser, electronic-microwave for health, aerospace and defense, security and intelligent-building energy
  • Aerospace Valley | Aeronautics, Space, Embedded Systemsairframes, materials, processes; energy and electromechanical systems. Solutions for air transport; telecommunications, observation, positioning; embedded systems, connected objects, software, and electronics; human-system interaction; factory, support/MOC/MRO and redevelopment; modeling, simulation, data analysis
  • Id4car | transport, aeronautics, space: vehicle materials, embedded systems intelligence, uses and industrialization, ICT for mobility applications

Other Clusters / Business Networks

A hundred clusters or networks operate in the region. These players are real unifiers, concentrating energy in their respective sectors, and providing service and support to their member companies. They include:

Aeronautics, Transport

  • Aerocampus: aeronautics maintenance
  • Aetos: drones
  • Topos: intelligent transport, geolocation, precision agricultural services
  • Aeroteam: aeronautics
  • AVERE: electrical mobility

Digital Systems

  • Aquinetic: open software
  • Digital Aquitaine: health ICT, geolocation, e-commerce, innovative uses of data, hardware
  • CRITT Informatique: digital simulation, augmented reality
  • SPN: digital systems

Imagery, Games, Video

  • Bordeaux Games: gaming, serious gaming, gamification
  • Magelis image complex: digital systems, imaging

Green sectors, ecotechnologies

  • Aquitaine sustainable chemistry: green chemistry
  • Aquitaine green growth: sustainable development
  • Sysolia: solar energy
  • Institut de la chimie verte: green and sustainable chemistry
  • Pôle des éco-industries: eco-activities
  • Pôle environnement limousin: eco-activities

Biotechnologies, Health

  • Cluster TIC Santé: e-health, information systems, technology for home support
  • Biopôle Santé: pharmaceuticals, well-being, medical devices
  • Pôle Aliments Santé: nutritional health
  • Invivolim: biotechnologies
  • Autonom’lab: e-health and aging, adaptation of living spaces, maintaining autonomy


  • Aquitaine Robotics: robotics
Targeting business creators, these facilities offer services, support and premises. Each one is designed to meet the needs of a company at specific stage in its development, consequently aiming to meet the expectations and challenges of start-ups. Several of these organizations have developed or been created in Nouvelle-Aquitaine, including:


Business Incubators

  • Incubateur Régional d’Aquitaine
  • Auberge Numérique: digital systems
  • Pulseo: geolocation technologies and satellite applications
  • Agropole: agri-food industries
  • Bordeaux Technowest: aeronautics, space and defense
  • M3: ecotechnologies, biotechnologies, health, digital systems, electronics
  • Novapôle: agri-food industries and biotechnologies
  • StarTech: Electronics, photonics, optics, IT
  • Créatio: services, imaging and ICT, production, eco-activities, food, technology and energy transition
  • CEI (Futuroscope)
  • Agropole Entreprises: agri-food industries
  • Domolandes: sustainable construction, digital systems
  • Eurêka: services to businesses, composite materials, plastics, industrial and automation mechanisms, studies and production of tools, packaging and engineering
  • Eurolacq Entreprises: industrial companies, service to industry
  • Pulseo: technologies of geo-location and satellite applications
  • Pépinière Bordeaux Unitec: digital systems, bio-health, engineering sciences
  • Pépinière Bordeaux Montesquieu: ecotechnologies-environment, biotechnologies-health, wine prouction, digital systems, ICT, electronics
  • 3 incubators at Helioparc: GEOSTART (geosciences), L’Atelier Numérique (digital systems), UPbyHelioparc (energy, environment)
  • EcoCréative Bordeaux Chartrons: creative economy, ICT, eco-activities
  • Le Campement: sustainable development, usage innovations
  • Newton: eco-activities



  • Accélérateur Régional: in the start-up phase
  • La Banquiz: open software and technologies
  • 1Kubator: digital systems
  • Héméra
  • 33 Entrepreneurs: wine, tourism and agri-foods


Tech parks

  • Ester Technopole: electronics, optics, telecommunications; ceramics, materials and surface treatments; water and environment; biotechnology and health; engineering
  • Bordeaux Technowest: aerospace and defense (Aeroparc), eco-activities (Ecoparc), Eco-transport-urbanism (Newton)
  • Technopole Bordeaux Unitec: technology and digital uses, health life sciences, technologies and engineering sciences
  • Technopole Bordeaux Montesquieu: environmental technology, biotechnology, electronic digital, wine
  • Technopole Helioparc: Geosciences and petroleum, digital engineering, energy, environment
  • Technopole Domolandes: sustainable construction and digital systems
  • Agropole: agri-foods
  • Technopole du Futuroscope: digital systems
  • Grand Poitiers Technopole: health, transport, tourism, environment, digital technologies
  • Technopole Atlantech: sustainable construction
  • Technopole Côte Basque: digital systems, aerospace & advanced materials, sustainable construction, technologies and ocean-based industries
  • Technopole Agen Garonne: water, logistics, agri-food industry
The universities and engineering schools in the region offer specialized curricula in the sectors of the future and serve as springboards for business development or start-up integration.

  • 6 multidisciplinary university complexes
  • 23 prestigious engineering schools
  • 697 educational programs in digital systems: design and web specialisations, programming-administration and operations, developer and integrator, cinema, maintenance and support

Selection of Sites Dedicated to Start-up

Our Services to Companies

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Various programs are available to obtain the financing necessary for your business set-up. We can introduce you to our experts in financial engineering who will study the available public or private solutions.

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We open our network and put you in relation with the key stakeholders for your project. Our proximity to regional partners will enable you to fast-track the execution of your business set-up!

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Frontalière avec l’Espagne, la Nouvelle-Aquitaine bénéficie d’une position stratégique sur le corridor logistique Nord-Sud européen.
Dotée d’un réseau de transports diversifié et moderne, la région est facilement accessible depuis les capitales économiques françaises et européennes, permettant aux entreprises d’être à proximité de leurs marchés :


  • 11 aéroports dont 7 internationaux
  • Plus de 60 liaisons internationales quotidiennes ou hebdomadaires
  • Nombre de lignes low-cost en croissance

Réseau ferré et autoroutier

  • LGV SEA (Bordeaux > Paris en 2h)
  • Réseaux autoroutiers nord-sud et est-ouest


  • 4 ports de commerce
  • 300 ports desservis dans le monde