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3 pillars

Medical devices, pharmaceuticals, e-health

Four Reasons to set up in Nouvelle-Aquitaine

  • Medical imaging applied to physio pathological and clinical research: Labex TRAIL (Translational Research and Advanced Imaging Laboratory)
  • Cardiology: To analyze and treat electrical dysfunctions of the heart: Labex LIRYC (Teaching Institute of arrhythmia and cardiac modelling, transplants)
  • Neurosciences / Neurocampus: Unique specializations in high definition Imaging, neuronal cell biology, physiology of neural networks, human and animal behavior, mechanisms of neurodegenerative and behavioral disorders
  • Cancer: Basic research, clinical, human and social sciences, epidemiology and public health. Specific tumors (breast, sarcoma, liver and myeloid leukemia), 2 cross-cutting themes (new therapeutic targets and cancer treatments for the elderly).
  • 7 clusters and 1 competitiveness cluster (250 companies, 36 research and training institutions)
  • The Nouvelle-Aquitaine alliance for health-care innovation Alliance Innovation Santé Nouvelle-Aquitaine (ALLIS NA) to encourage cross-fertilization and innovations in the fields of medical devices, e-health, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology
  • The Nouvelle-Aquitaine region is a national leader in software publishing
  • High level hospital infrastructure with a strong collaborative culture to develop innovation.
  • The University Hospital of Bordeaux was ranked in first and second place among public hospitals in 2016 & 2017 by the magazine Le Point
  • A regional road map to support priorities in health-care & innovation:
    • Personalized and predictive medicine
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Medical devices ranging from implantable prostheses to external devices (especially for the spinal region) and instrumentation
    • ICT solutions to accompany the treatment regime of patients with chronic pathologies
    • Improved quality of life in old age with better health: combatting medical desertification and preserving autonomy at home in the context of the silver economy
  • Regional Living Health Labs to facilitate market access by taking usage into account
  • e-Dom Santé program: Remote monitoring of patients with advanced stage metastatic breast cancer using a tablet and smart watch
  • Santé Landes Health Program: Regional support program to develop the use of digital tools to promote in-home care in cases of chronic disease

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Specialized Partners for Your Project

Several organizations specialized in innovation, research and development are present in Nouvelle-Aquitaine. This dynamic ecosystem provides a vector of opportunities for businesses in the implementation of their project and their business! Networks, partners, product innovation support, are among the many services and areas of expertise provided by these stakeholders to support the development of your business.

Competitiveness Cluster

  • Cancer-Bio-Santé: Competitiveness cluster, four strategic objectives: nutrition and health, therapeutic and diagnostic molecules in oncology, diagnostics and technological innovations, home support
  • ALLIS NA: Alliance between the competitiveness cluster and seven other clusters involved in health care

Clusters / Business networks

  • Cluster TIC Santé Nouvelle-Aquitaine: ICT – e-health, healthcare circuit
  • Invivolim: Biotechnologies, life sciences
  • Osasuna Cluster: Care facilities, patient healthcare circuit
  • RDM-NA: Non-implantable medical devices, health and e-health technology
  • TIC Santé Nouvelle-Aquitaine (member of Digital Aquitaine): Digital health-care network
  • Agir Pour La Télémédecine 
  • GIPSO: Nouvelle-Aquitaine health-care industry group (medications, biotechnologies, medical devices)

Bordeaux Neurocampus: Doctoral training (neurosciences)

Bordeaux INP:

  • ENSCBP (chemistry, biology, physics)
  • ENSC (cognitics)
  • ENSTBB (biomolecules)

Master of BiDim: Biomaterials and medical devices

Master of Cognitive Sciences and Ergonomics

Master of SITIS: Information systems and technology for health-care and e-health

ISPED: Institute of public health, epidemiology and development

Master of Biology Health: Biotechnology, molecular oncology, genomic engineering

Master of Health-care Engineering: Autonomy of individuals, patient treatment regime, drugs, health-care products, biotechnology


Bordeaux Neurocampus: International neurosciences research complex

IHU Liryc: Teaching institute focusing on arrhythmia and cardiac modeling (unique in Europe)

INSERM: National Institute of health and medical research

IBIO: Institute of bio-imaging in medical sciences

LaBRI: Image and sound, media and algorithms for high-performance digital applications

ISPED – ERIAS: Health-related IT research

Institut GEIST: Genomics, environment, health, immunity and therapeutics

Centre d’investigation clinique de Poitiers: Biology, medicine and health

IRTOMIT: Ischemia, reperfusion, and organ transplants

LNEC: Neurological and psychiatric pathologies

Pôle Aliments et Santé: Nutrition-health cluster

CRITT Agroalimentaire: Agri-foods – product innovation, food quality and safety, industrial performance

Institut Bergonié: Prevention, detection and treatment of cancer

SIRIC BRIO: Cancer research – transfer of patients’ examination results



Bordeaux Neurocampus:

  • BIC: Bordeaux Imaging Center
  • PAM: Analysis of motor function
  • OPTOPATH: Psychopathology of rodents
  • PHENOVIRT: Phenotyping human behavior and pathology

PTIB: Biomedical innovation technological platform

Centre Génomique Fonctionnelle Bordeaux: functional genomics – life sciences, bioinformatics, sequencing

CenTest: Mechanical testing of medical devices

CALYXIS: Risk assessment cluster

CIC-IT: Center for clinical investigation and technological innovation of biomaterials

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| Financing and Public Aid

Various programs are available to obtain the financing necessary for your business set-up. We can introduce you to our experts in financial engineering who will study the available public or private solutions.

| Networking

We open our network and put you in relation with the key stakeholders for your project. Our proximity to regional partners will enable you to fast-track the execution of your business set-up!

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We know that certain procedures can be complex, so we activate our network to facilitate your installation. We mobilize various players according to your needs and your timetable.

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An Accessible Region

Nouvelle-Aquitaine, on the Atlantic coast and bordering Spain, is strategically located on Europe's North-South logistics itinerary. With extensive, modern transportation infrastructures, the region is easily accessible from European economic capitals, putting companies close to their markets:

  • 11 airports, 7 serving international destinations
  • Over 60 international routes with daily or weekly service
  • Growing number of low-cost airlines
Road and Rail Network
  • LGV SEA (Bordeaux - Paris in 2 hrs.)
  • North-south and East-West expressway networks
  • 4 ports of trade
  • Links to 300 ports worldwide