1st Agricultural region in Europe

2nd largest organic farming region
in France

2nd in France for the fishing industry

Worldwide reputation: Bordeaux Cognac

Four Reasons to set up in Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Companies Doing Business Here

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Specialized Partners for Your Project

Several organizations specialized in innovation, research and development are present in Nouvelle-Aquitaine. This dynamic ecosystem provides a vector of opportunities for businesses in the implementation of their project and their business! Networks, partners, product innovation support, are among the many services and areas of expertise provided by these stakeholders to support the development of your business.

Technology Resource Centers

  • AGIR: Sweet products (biscuits, pastries and chocolates)
  • Agrotec: Processing and preservation of fruits and vegetables, taste testing
  • ACPEL: Vegetable research and innovation
  • ACTALI : Technical Center for Agrifood Expertise
  • ITERG: Production and processing of plant and animal fats
  • CTIFL: Interprofessional Technical Center for Fruits and Vegetables
  • CVA: Center for Technology Transfer Valorization of Agroresources
  • Institut du gôut du Périgord: Institute of marketing studies and taste testing
  • CRITT Agro-Alimentaire: Product innovation, quality and food safety, industrial performance
  • Centre de Valorisation des Agro-ressources (CVA): New ingredients and nutraceuticals from fiber extraction
  • Centre d’Innovation pour les Biotechnologies et les Industries Agro-alimentaires (CIBIAL): Biothechnologies and food industries innovation
  • Institut des Sciences de la Vigne et du Vin: Vineyards and winemaking sciences
  • INVENIO: Experimentation station for the fruit and vegetable sector
  • Terres Inovia: Technical institute of the vegetable oils and proteins sector and the hemp sector
  • TEST’IN: Efficiency and sobriety test of innovative agro-food technologies

Competitiveness Clusters

  • Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation: efficiency of production systems, agri-refining, optimization of production inputs

Other Clusters / Business Networks

  • Cluster Fruits et Légumes: Fruit and vegetables
  • Cluster Inno’Vin: Winemaking sector
  • Uztartu: Basque Country agri-foods cluster
  • Pôle Aliments & Santé: Nutrition and health
  • Association Régionale pour le Développement des Industries Alimentaires d’Aquitaine (ARDIA): Regional association for the development of the food industry
  • Pôle de Lanaud
  • Pôle Agripolis de Surgères
  • NOVAPOLE: agro-food and bio-industrial nursery business incubator
  • Cluster Biosecurity
  • Association Limousine des Industries Alimentaires (ALIA): Food industries association
  • Association Interprofessionnel Bio régional – INTERBIO Nouvelle-Aquitaine: Food industries association
  • Agence Aquitaine de Promotion Agroalimentaire (AAPrA): Food industries association
  • INRAE Aquapole : aquaculture
  • AgroCampus 64
  • Lycée d’Enseignement Agricole Privé Jean-Errecart
  • AgroCampus 47
  • Bordeaux Science Agro: agricultural higher education
  • ENSCBP: agro-food engineer training
  • ISVV: Institute of Vine Sciences
  • INRAE: National Institute of Agronomic Research
  • CIDS: Spirits International Center
  • ENILIA-ENSMIC: National School of Dairy Industry and Agrifood Industries
  • University of Limoges
  • University of La Rochelle
  • University of Bordeaux

Selection of Sites Dedicated to Agri-business

Our Services to Companies

| Business Environment

We will send you the information you need to study the feasibility of your project in Nouvelle-Aquitaine (supply of raw materials, market data, subcontractors, R&D partners, etc.).

| Real-Estate Solutions

We look for, select and present real-estate offers suited to your specifications. You can send us your search criteria and we take care of the rest in strict confidentially!

| Financing and Public Aid

Various programs are available to obtain the financing necessary for your business set-up. We can introduce you to our experts in financial engineering who will study the available public or private solutions.

| Networking

We open our network and put you in relation with the key stakeholders for your project. Our proximity to regional partners will enable you to fast-track the execution of your business set-up!

| Administrative Procedures

We know that certain procedures can be complex, so we activate our network to facilitate your installation. We mobilize various players according to your needs and your timetable.

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An Accessible Region

Nouvelle-Aquitaine, on the Atlantic coast and bordering Spain, is strategically located on Europe’s North-South logistics itinerary. With extensive, modern transportation infrastructures, the region is easily accessible from European economic capitals, putting companies close to their markets:


  • 11 airports, 7 serving international destinations
  • Over 60 international routes with daily or weekly service
  • Growing number of low-cost airlines

Road and Rail Network

  • LGV SEA (Bordeaux – Paris in 2 hrs.)
  • North-south and East-West expressway networks


  • 4 ports of trade
  • Links to 300 ports worldwide