Chemical industry zones


Cutting-edge research


High-threshold SEVESO site

Leading sectors

Ceramic technologies, nanostructured materials, thermo-structural composites

Four Reasons to set up in Nouvelle-Aquitaine

  • 6th largest French region with more than 2,200 establishments and 31,000 jobs
  • User markets in the region: aerospace, renewable energy, automotive and rail, agriculture, water sports and cosmetics
  • Available raw materials: agricultural, forestry
  • 170 classified SEVESO sites, including 85 high threshold sites
  • 1 SEVESO II platform, high threshold (Lacq Zone)
  • Multimodal logistics (freight line)
  • Shared infrastructures (e.g., connection to utilities, access to gas at sustainably competitive prices, safety, storage)
  • Port terminals (Bordeaux, La Rochelle, Bayonne)
  • Risk awareness and control
  • Sustainable development approach
  • High-performance composites
  • Carbon fiber
  • Thermoplastic polymer materials
  • Ceramic matrix composite materials
  • Thermostructural composites
  • Biosourced materials
  • Ceramic technologies and techniques
  • Plant chemistry
  • Amenities and specialties (complex chemistry)
  • Nanostructured materials
  • Recognized research capacities

– Over 600 researchers
– 3 competitiveness clusters involved (Pôle Européen de la Céramique, Xylofutur, Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation)
– Many public and private research labs involving corporate accounts
– Several technological platforms
– Private R&D centers and design offices of large industrial groups (e.g., Total, Toray, Arkema,Solvay)

  • Collaborative projects
  • Large industrial groups INVESTED in R&D projects
  • Pre-equipped modules for start-ups and R&D projects (e.g., Chemstart’up)

Companies Doing Business Here

Plast Avenir
I. Ceram
epsilon composite

Specialized Partners for Your Project

Several organizations specialized in innovation, research and development are present in Nouvelle-Aquitaine. This dynamic ecosystem provides a vector of opportunities for businesses in the implementation of their project and their business! Networks, partners, product innovation support, are among the many services and areas of expertise provided by these stakeholders to support the development of your business.


  • LCTS: Thermo-structural composites
  • SPCTS: Ceramic processes and surface treatment
  • IPRA: Petroleum sector. Joint teams with TOTAL and INRIA
  • IC2MP: Chemistry of milieus and materials
  • LOF: Laboratory of the future, linking Solvay, CNRS, University of Bordeaux
  • LCPO: Organic polymer chemistry
  • IPREM: Analytical and physical chemistry for environmental and materials sciences
  • ISM: Molecular and materials chemistry
  • ICMCB: Chemistry of condensed matter
  • GEMH: Heterogeneous materials
  • PPRIME: Quality and strength of materials
  • LaSIE: Deterioration of materials
  • LCSN: Valorization of natural substances
  • Increase: Collaborative network of academic laboratories dedicated to the enhancement of lignocellulosic biomass
  • PIC: Joint laboratory of ESPCI, Total, and UPMC dedicated to the physical chemistry of complex interfaces

Technology Platforms

  • CANOE: Fiber and carbon, composites, robotization, additive manufacturing, formulation of resin, analysis and control
  • Compositadour: Robotic methods of implementation of composite materials
  • Rescoll: Industrial applications of polymer materials
  • CTTC: Ceramic technologies
  • IANESCO: Chemistry
  • APESA: Eco-innovation and environmental assessment
  • CVA: Valorization of agri-resources, eco-extraction
  • Xylochem: Chemistry and bio-refinery of wood
  • CITRA: Advanced surfaces treatments and coatings
  • Placamat: Characterization of materials
  • FCBA: Forest products, cellulose, wood, furniture
  • ITERG: Lipids
  • Nobatek: Sustainable construction
  • Elorprintect: Printable organic systems and devices

Competitiveness Clusters

  • Pôle Européen de la Céramique: Technical ceramics
  • Xylofutur: Processing wood materials and fiber chemistry (biofuels, nano-cellulose, composite materials)
  • Agri-Sud Ouest Innovation:  Agri-refining

Clusters / Business Networks

  • Aquitaine Chimie Durable: Ecological chemistry and materials
  • Pôle Polymère Sud: Plastic materials, composites, plastic processing
  • Institut de la chimie verte: Fine chemistry, green chemistry, plant chemistry, chemistry of renewable carbon, chemistry of recycling

  • Union des Industries Chimiques: Chemical industry professional association
  • Plastalliance: Plastics and composites
  • UIMM: Metallurgy professions
  • UFPL: Porcelain manufacturers
  • CICF: Ceramics industries of France
  • UIC: Chemistry
  • Plasti Ouest: Plastic processing

  • ENSIL-ENSCI: Engineering school specializing in materials
  • Institut Polytechnique de Bordeaux – ENSCBP: Engineering school specialized in chemistry, materials and composites
  • IUT/Licences professionnelles: Engineering of materials, development of plant resources
  • Université de Pau et des pays de l’Adour (IdEx/I-SITE): Petroleum engineering, materials, analytical chemistry
  • Greta Sud Aquitaine: Customized training courses

Selection of Sites Dedicated to CHEMISTRY AND ADVANCED MATERIALS

Our Services to Companies

| Business Environment

We will send you the information you need to study the feasibility of your project in Nouvelle-Aquitaine (supply of raw materials, market data, subcontractors, R&D partners, etc.).

| Real-Estate Solutions

We look for, select and present real-estate offers suited to your specifications. You can send us your search criteria and we take care of the rest in strict confidentially!

| Financing and Public Aid

Various programs are available to obtain the financing necessary for your business set-up. We can introduce you to our experts in financial engineering who will study the available public or private solutions.

| Networking

We open our network and put you in relation with the key stakeholders for your project. Our proximity to regional partners will enable you to fast-track the execution of your business set-up!

| Administrative Procedures

We know that certain procedures can be complex, so we activate our network to facilitate your installation. We mobilize various players according to your needs and your timetable.

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An Accessible Region

Nouvelle-Aquitaine, on the Atlantic coast and bordering Spain, is strategically located on Europe's North-South logistics itinerary. With extensive, modern transportation infrastructures, the region is easily accessible from European economic capitals, putting companies close to their markets:

  • 11 airports, 7 serving international destinations
  • Over 60 international routes with daily or weekly service
  • Growing number of low-cost airlines
Road and Rail Network
  • LGV SEA (Bordeaux - Paris in 2 hrs.)
  • North-south and East-West expressway networks
  • 4 ports of trade
  • Links to 300 ports worldwide