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If you’re considering setting up business in France, we know that finding the right location is key.

Our role is to search for and propose land or real-estate solutions based on your needs.

Our service is free and confidential.

We coordinate a network of public and private partners to find the best location for your business..

1. Send us your search criteria

  • Your requirements: Are you seeking to purchase land to build independently or do you prefer to set up in a business park? Would you like to buy or rent a building (in an industrial zone, or independent site), facilities, offices, warehouse, or laboratory? Are you seeking to acquire an existing business? Do you want shared services (reception, secretariat, catering, waste treatment, security), areas for co-working, or something else?
  • Your geographic and logistics constraints: Do you want a specific location, within or near a specific city in Nouvelle-Aquitaine with easy access to infrastructures (port, expressways, airport)?
  • Your technical specifications: Surface area, usable height, soil load-bearing capacities, utilities, access to roads, the equipment you need (bridge crane, loading docks, etc.). Do you need a clean room, food-quality handling areas, or other special facilities?
  • Your budget: Please indicate your financial constraints.

2. We take care of the rest…

  • We mobilize our network of public and private partners to identify the land or real-estate corresponding to your search. Our services are free and strictly confidential.
  • We identify the best solutions in Nouvelle-Aquitaine to meet your personalized needs.
  • We will inform you rapidly, providing comprehensive information about the sites and their surrounding environment.
  • We organize your visit to the sites you’ve short-listed and introduce you to the most relevant stakeholders, according to your needs.
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