French region in defense aeronautics


European for civilian drone testing


in launchers, military aircraft, business aircraft

Flagship Products

Rafale, Falcon, Ariane 6

Four Reasons to set up in Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Companies Doing Business Here

Zodiac aerospace
Nexter mechanics
JV group
Dassault aviation
aquitaine electronique

Specialized Partners for Your Project

Several organizations specialized in innovation, research and development are present in Nouvelle-Aquitaine. This dynamic ecosystem provides a vector of opportunities for businesses in the implementation of their project and their business! Networks, partners, product innovation support, are among the many services and areas of expertise provided by these stakeholders to support the development of your business.


  • INRIA: Applied mathematics, algorithms, networks, systems and services for aeronautics, defense and space
  • LCTS: Thermo-structural composites
  • University of Bordeaux: 11 laboratories and platforms in materials, information technology, lasers, optics, and environmental sciences
  • XLIM: Electronics, microwave technology, optics, photonics, mathematics, computer, imagery, CAD applied to space

Technology Platforms

  • CITRA:Surface treatment
  • CANOE: Nano-structured materials
  • Compositadour: Composites and robotics
  • ATA:  High-performance composites
  • P2P: Clean dismantling of missile boosters
  • Metallicadour: Metal working
  • ISAAC:Remotely operated systems
  • IRT Saint Exupéry: CMC materials
  • CRITT Matériaux: Polymer, metal and composite materials
  • CISTEME: Telecommunications, electronics and electromagnetism
  • Alphanov: Optics and lasers
  • Pulseo: Geolocation technologies and satellite applications
  • CESA Drones: Independent center for UAV flight testing, training and qualification of UAV pilots
Competitiveness Clusters

  • Viameca: Innovation in the production of intelligent mechanical systems
  • Aerospace Valley: Security, embedded systems, navigation, air frames, energy and electromechanical systems, engineering maintenance, human-systems integration,
  • Route des Lasers & Elopsys (merger underway): Photonics, secure networks, microwaves

Other Clusters / Business Networks

  • Mécanic Vallée: Mechanical engineering, aeronautics, weapons systems, subcontracting
  • Aeroteam: Bringing together aeronautics players in Poitou-Charentes
  • AETOS: UAV Systems and services
  • Aquitaine Robotics: Applied robotics
  • Topos: Navigation and localization via satellite systems
  • Bordeaux Aquitaine Aéronautique et Spatial: Unifying the entire aeronautics, space and defense sectors in Nouvelle-Aquitaine
  • GIFAS:  Aeronautics and space programs and equipment
  • ASD: Nouvelle Aquitaine UIMM aeronautics and space portal
  • Université de Bordeaux: Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Cognitique, ENSAM Paristech, ENSEIRB-MATMECA (Bordeaux INP)
  • INRIA Bordeaux Sud-Ouest: Digital sciences and technologies
  • ESTIA: Institute of advanced industrial technologies
  • Université de Pau et des Pays de l’Adour: IPREM: Multidisciplinary institute for the environment and materials
  • ISAE-ENSMA: Mechanical engineering and aeronautics techniques
  • EIGSI:Mechanical systems, mechatronics
  • IMA:  Aeronautics and transport systems maintenance engineering
  • ENSIL: Mechatronics, electronics
  • Ecole Supérieure des Technologies Industriels Avancées: Embedded systems, electronics
  • AEROCAMPUS: Aeronautics, training, data space campus

Selection of Sites Dedicated to Aeronautics – Space – Defense

Our Services to Companies

| Business Environment

We will send you the information you need to study the feasibility of your project in Nouvelle-Aquitaine (supply of raw materials, market data, subcontractors, R&D partners, etc.).

| Real-Estate Solutions

We look for, select and present real-estate offers suited to your specifications. You can send us your search criteria and we take care of the rest in strict confidentially!

| Financing and Public Aid

Various programs are available to obtain the financing necessary for your business set-up. We can introduce you to our experts in financial engineering who will study the available public or private solutions.

| Networking

We open our network and put you in relation with the key stakeholders for your project. Our proximity to regional partners will enable you to fast-track the execution of your business set-up!

| Administrative Procedures

We know that certain procedures can be complex, so we activate our network to facilitate your installation. We mobilize various players according to your needs and your timetable.

An Accessible Region

Nouvelle-Aquitaine, on the Atlantic coast and bordering Spain, is strategically located on Europe’s North-South logistics itinerary. With extensive, modern transportation infrastructures, the region is easily accessible from European economic capitals, putting companies close to their markets:


  • 11 airports, 7 serving international destinations
  • Over 60 international routes with daily or weekly service
  • Growing number of low-cost airlines

Road and Rail Network

  • LGV SEA (Bordeaux – Paris in 2 hrs.)
  • North-south and East-West expressway networks


  • 4 ports of trade
  • Links to 300 ports worldwide