We help cut through the red tape!

Since certain procedures may be complex, we activate our network to facilitate your business-location project.

We enable you to make contact with people according to a coordinated and well-planned schedule.

Our services are free and confidential.

We mobilize the relevant local players to facilitate procedures related to setting up a business.

  • The administrative procedures related to business set up (filing for building permits, permits for ICPE classified environmental protection facilities, etc.) or public aid require preparation of the proposals to be filed through various public deparments, including decentralized government annexes (DIRECCTE, Préfecture and others) and local authorities (technical services and elected officials) for some projects.

    We set up a suitable, coordinated timetable to introduce you to relevant people, and organize the necessary meetings concerning the progress of your project with these public stakeholders.

  • The search for qualified personnel to get your business started is also a decisive step

    We can direct you to recruitment specialists in the region (Pôle Emploi and APCE to recruit executives) or training (AFPA) to help you to hire the employees you need.

  • Depending on the location of your project, you may be able to use employee resource centers for newly established companies.

    We can put you in touch with local players in order to organize tours for your employees to explore the region before relocating, to help find jobs for spouses, schools for their children, and assist in obtaining visas.

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